How to make a treasure-trove?

In any birthday party treasure hunt, the most magical moment for the children is finding the treasure...

In our treasure hunts, the story of the game is entirely based on the search for the treasure-trove, which could, for example, be made up of small presents or little bags of sweets. You can also add to the treasure chest items that you have made, such as magic wands, jewellery or crowns.
Bracelets created using elastic bands can also make ideal treasure.

You then put it all safely in a decorated tin or box that will serve as the treasure chest.
If you're feeling brave, you could also bury the treasure in the garden by hiding it in a box (cardboard shoe box or metal cake tin for example). Children will love digging it up.

The treasure-trove can also take the form of special prizes, certificates or medals that you'll award to the children. It goes without saying that all the children should receive an equal share of the treasure...