How to prepare your game well

Equipment needed

- To organise our printable games, you will need a printer and some paper (plain, card or photo) to print the document pages; sticky tape for hiding some of the clues in unusual places, such as under a table for example; and felt-tip pens or pencils for solving some of the clues.

- If you are playing with challenges, you will also need specific equipment to organise some of the games: a balloon, skipping rope, ball, paper, felt-tip pens, scissors, scarf, stopwatch, etc.

Everything is ready when...

- The invitations have been printed, completed and handed out to all the guests.

- You have decided to play with or without challenges, in one or two teams. If you have chosen to play with challenges, cut out the cards then prepare the equipment and routes needed to play them.

- All the documents needed for the game have been printed (one or more copies depending on the games and number of teams): the planning sheet, start of the story, clues, conclusion of the story, certificates, challenges or other documents, etc.

- The hiding places for the clues have been chosen and have been noted on your planning sheet.

- All the clues have been hidden before the arrival of the guests and kept a secret from your child.

- At the start of the game, the organiser must have the planning sheet and the start and conclusion of the story with him/her. And possibly other documents for certain games.

Some advice

- At a birthday party, it is ideal to organise the game for shortly after the children arrive or just before eating.

- Make the children take turns in solving the clues. Watch out for shy children who may have trouble getting involved in the game. Keep encouraging them to take part.

- Costumes can help children get even more into the theme of the game.

- To save ink and paper, you don’t have to print all the pages of this document.